Describes an accident caused by the driver of a car failing to see a cyclist or pedestrian. Also: Smidsy. [From the phrase, Sorry, mate, I didn't see you.]
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Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said: "SMIDSY moments are happening far too often, and very few people are prepared to take responsibility for their part in them. It's always someone else's fault. All road users need to be more aware of who they are sharing the road with, and the risks they present.
—Chris Knapman, " Drivers reminded to look out for vulnerable road users:," The Telegraph, April 17, 2012
Wiggo's status as national treasure means this particular SMIDSY event gets widely reported. SMIDSY is the excuse inattentive motorists give to the cyclists and motorcyclists they skim or hit: "Sorry mate I didn't see you."
—Carlton Reid, " Bradley Wiggins is hit by a car, then the cyclist haters pile in:," The Guardian, November 8, 2012
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Recently released figures show it is time for vehicle drivers to stop blaming motorcyclists for car/bike accidents. The statistics show that nearly half of all motorcycling accidents were caused by vehicle drivers and three-quarters of them occurred at intersections. Motorcyclists refer to drivers failing to see them as SMIDSY crashes for "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You".
—"Tax better for war or water?," Penrith Press, October 15, 2002
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I guess this would be SBIDSY in the USA – “Sorry BUDDY I didn’t see you!”Our Robot Wars robot SMIDSY was named for this phenomenon in the 1990s, so you may find earlier citations here:

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